Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marc Jacobs and the Xandu Gallery

I have been literally in love with the Marc Jacobs Large Dot tights ever since they first appeared on the runway months ago. In August my prayers (and birthday wishes) were finally granted and I  scored a pair of these amazing tights. I couldn't think of a better place to show them off than on Maiden Lane in San Francisco.


For those who are not familiar with San Francisco, Maiden Lane is a chic little street in the heart of downtown. It is home to some of the most coveted shops, like Chanel and Prada, but it is extra special to me because it features the only commercial Frank Lloyd Wright building in San Francisco. This building is the Xandu Gallery featuring art from all over the world. 

As I have previously mentioned, I am obsessed with modern and contemporary architecture, and I gain a lot of my of my style inspiration from them. Being in this building both affirmed and renewed that inspiration.

The ramp heading up towards the top floor is so circularly oriented, so that you can easily look around at the entire building. Your eyes are not drawn simply to one aspect inside, but rather everything is created to pique your curiosity. This embellishment and attention to detail is something I try to achieve in every outfit I create as well. 

I especially love the design of the ceiling, and it even went well with my polka-dotted outfit!

I really couldn't resist the urge to put polka dots on top of polka dots. It just felt so fun. 

So overall the Xandu Gallery was spectacular, and you must check it out if you're ever in the Bay Area. It was free to visit too, which definitely cannot be said for most Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. I am also glad I have finally gotten a chance to showcase these amazing tights!

This outfit:
Top: Cotton Candy (bought at Sway Santa Cruz, swaychic.com)
Skirt: Free People
Tights: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Miss Sixty
Bracelet: Liquid Metal Collection by Sergio Gutierrez (liquidmetaljewelry.com)





  2. You look beautiful!! Love those tights ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Oooh, I will definitely have to check out this gallery, next time I head down to the bay. I'm so excited...and may I add, that you are stunning!

  4. i think those MJ tights look wonderful on you. especially those gams!!

    Thanks for your comment, please stop by again :)