Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did This Happen?

Here are some of my photos from the Gaultier Fête the other night. I still find myself asking "Did this happen?". It totally did. Oh, and sorry for the 30+ pictures I'm about to post, I really couldn't narrow it down any further!
Here's a pic of Adrienne and me before we left. Sophie the Boston Terrier wanted to come with us! 
We had to take a pic of Sophie with my Cat Tap Damsels. I don't know who's cuter!
 Here's our first pic together at the event. 
The bars were gorgeous, colorful, and well-stocked!
  We each had to take an outfit shot alone.
I love our outfits! 
At the time we took these pics we didn't realize we were waiting in line to get into the super-V.I.P. room where Jean Paul Gaultier was hanging out with his friends and major museum patrons. 
 Although it was tough to get in, we managed convince security to let us go party in the V.I.P area. The moment we walked in we saw Jean Paul Gaultier sitting to the right at the first booth. Dita Von Teese was hanging out too!
I managed to get a close up of Dita. She is so gorgeous.
More pics of Dita and JPG.
 I can't believe we got this close!
 After Jean Paul Gaultier and Dita Von Teese left we got more drinks before seeing our way around the V.I.P room some more. 
 People were dressed so creatively. The fashion was all so fun. 
 There were models everywhere! I loved all their clothes.
 After we left the V.I.P. room we walked past the catwalk to go check out the actual exhibit. 
 This wall was just awesome. Adrienne is doing her signature pose!
 Here is the entrance to the exhibit. No words can accurately describe the photos from the actual exhibit. I actually was already so overly-stimulated that I couldn't really focus on the details the way I usually do. Before my spring break ends I want to go back during the week when its not very busy just so I can take a good few hours to fully appreciate it. Basically if you're in SF at any point between now and August 19th (my birthday!) you need to go see this exhibit. 
 This is the first room you walk into at the start of the exhibit. There were mannequins with faces projected onto them. These projections would move, like blink and whatnot. It really made them more intriguing and lifelike. 

 Punk Diego and Frida. Love it.

I honestly could have posted hundreds of pics from the exhibit alone. 
 After the exhibit we went back up to the party. We saw that someone brought their furry friend along! 
The dance floor got a little crazy at the end of the night. There was this raunchy marching band that had a bunch of half naked, multi-nippled humans running around. 
This picture pretty much sums up what it was like to experience this, but in case it doesn't here's a quick video I snapped of part of their performance. Disclaimer: I am terrible at shooting videos! 
Basically I had the time of my life. If you made it through all these pics and the video I love you. Thanks Gilt City! 


  1. omg!! i made it through! and I love you!
    thank you again for taking me as your plus one!
    this exhibit was amazing- you are so right on: overstimulation in all the right ways possible.


  2. That mud have been such a fun experience and how cool to be partying with JPG and Dita Von Tesse!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living