Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Same Pieces, Different Ways

I first got the idea to do a post like this from Alexandra of To Vogue Or Bust. As a student I really don't have lots of extra cash to spend, especially on clothes. Due to this I have not only learned to shop in a smart way, but I also make sure I can restyle things I own in different ways. Here are some of my favorite restyled pieces:

My Marc Jacobs large dot tights are super fun and funky. They add spunk to any outfit and I love wearing them. 

I probably wear my denim jacket more than anything else in my wardrobe. In fact I've attempted to put a cap on the number of times I can wear it in a week, but that really didn't work. I guess just really love denim!

I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater. Its kind of like a super comfortable jacket that can still be worn inside. I sometimes even hang out in it when my apartment gets too cold. I figure if I'm too broke to turn on my heater I might as well lounge around in some Marc by Marc Jacobs.

My faux fur jacket from Anthropologie adds a really opulent attitude to any outfit. I really like to throw it on top of anything no matter how dressy or casual a look is. 

I can seriously think of four posts this month in which I have been carrying this vintage Coach bag. I dug up older pics though to switch things up. I adore this bag because its not flashy and has a classic vibe to it. 

What pieces do you find yourself wearing over and over again?


  1. Omg I absolutely loved this blog post! You are so creative my dear xxxx

  2. i love the idea of this post! i don't even want to think about how often i wear certain pieces in my closet. I wear my Trouve boots and leather jacket wayyyy too often!

  3. So many different outfits!! I love your polka dot tights & your green bag.

  4. great outfits! i like ypur bags and shoes, i always wear my jeans jacket to! :)

  5. I love polka dotted tights <3

  6. Your style is amazing! I love all these looks!

    I discovered your blog after you commented on one of my LB looks. I'm so happy I checked it out. Love your blog. I'm your new follower. Wanna follow each other? ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  7. a superb post! such inspirational outfits and cool combinations. you sure are talented ;)
    when it comes to me then when going to work I tend to be quite lazy early in the morning and then I just pick something classy and comfortable, not thinking too much about it. the items I wear the most are probably some boots, shoes or jackets.. can't pick anything specific though..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. restyling is the only way to avoid spurging and endless closets!! You did a great job in these pictures and you gave me some ides!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. Great post with some really great ideas :)
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