Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mista Dobalina

Its been so long, I almost feel as though I need to re-introduce myself. My internship with Nordstrom has been insanely busy, not to mention my graduation from UCSC (woo Slugs!!), and everything  else that has been going on in my life. I am simply thankful for the time I do have to blog, even though it is not nearly as much as I used to. 

 This look is my typical day-off outfit. I'm sure its no surprise that I am wearing black from head to toe. I use a black color palette as a way for me to do a wild mix of prints, without coming off too crazy, or like I'm trying too hard. I am really loving 90s aesthetic right now, which is why I chose to mix a cropped striped turtleneck tank with leggings. Jewelry-wise I've been experimenting much more with statement necklaces, although I always manage to move back towards long layering pieces. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed venturing into new jewelry territory.

 Lastly, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss my internship with Nordstrom a little further. Many readers have expressed that they want to hear more about my job (ahem, Jenna H. from Under The Fluorescents), and I think its great. While I was in college, which was literally just a week ago now, people would constantly ask me "What are you doing after school is over?". With all the uncertainty in the current job-market, and the rising level of student debt, I was really nervous about my career-path once I graduated. Thankfully, one of my mother's clients informed me about the Nordstrom retail internship program. Essentially interns are paired up with department managers at various Nordstrom stores. Not only do interns get to sell in a department, but we also work directly with management, and do leadership training. Going through this program ensures that internship graduates are on a faster-track towards their career goals, whatever  they may be within the company. 

Basically what I am trying to say is that if you are a junior or senior in college, and interested in a career in fashion, head to Nordstrom and research how you can become part of next summer's internship!

This outfit:
Top: Forever 21
Leggings: American Apparel
Socks: Free People
Boots, Bracelet, and Sunnies: Sway
Bag: Street Level
Statement Necklace: Forever 21
Other jewelry: Tiffany & Co./ vintage


  1. love your leggings!!!!:)

    Come check out my blog!

  2. love your boots! congrats on graduation girlie! oh hayy shout out! your internship sounds like such an amazing opportunity. I interned at Nordstrom's B.P department for a year back in high school